Monday, December 5, 2011

The path ahead

Once again, it is December 5th. I am now fully one year older. Time feels so different this year. Condensed in some places and expanded in others.

I have felt off pace on my path for a while now, struggling to keep up and muster energies. But now it feels as though the top of the hill is in sight and I can see my path ahead of me and into the future. I see my goals coming into clearer view and my time and energy spent more wisely. I have been waiting for this move to happen and it is now in plain sight-- something that can be taken both literally and spiritually/philosophically. The next journey is waiting to start and I am terribly excited for it.

Nearly time to finish packing and cleaning and renewing energies. Some view Spring as a time to do such things, but I am a child of winter. I am most in my element here. The darker skies, cold, snowy air, and bundles of warmth in homes and under blankets appeals to my nature. Appropriately, December 5th has always seemed to mark the beginning--that this is what a new year actually feels like. Today begins the proportional relationship between the influx of energies and the cresting of struggling to see ahead of me--the last steps before the ease of walking downhill along my path again.

The phrase "happy new year" has never been more relevant.

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