Thursday, November 10, 2011

By Azura!

concept art of Azura's shrine

So a brief interruption of life and (non-video game) thought to bring you two beautiful images of Azura from the new Elder Scrolls game Skyrim.

I am very excited to go to the midnight release tonight and obtain my copy of amazing adventure, story, and lore. (And maybe a little swag too!) How fitting that there should be a full moon tonight as well.

I adore Azura and all that she represents. Some people love super heroes or a character in a book or movie, but I love Azura, the Goddess of Dusk and Dawn.

Here is her shrine in Skyrim. 
A game 5 years in the making.

actual gameplay image of Azura's shrine

"Fear not, for I am watchful."

EDIT: For those that keep searching my page for where and how to obtain Azura's Star, The Elder Scroll's Wiki has a link to each of the games versions and how to get them. Hope that helps :)

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