Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Energies and Introductions

It seems that with the Spring Equinox and Ostara upon us, a flood of new, and invigorating energies have come upon me. The sights and smells of the Earth awaking have been rejuvenating to my heart and soul and I am looking forward to next week (Spring Break) to actually put time into the things I enjoy rather than be stuck at a screen writing a flow of papers I have grown tired of. The sunshine is calling! And thus, I feel the need (or is it want?) to begin what I'm calling "a contribution, in the form of a social documentation, to the preservation of one individual's experiences within the world." Better known now-a-days as a blog.

First, I must say that I will have goals, plans, and expectations of both myself and my keeping up with this blog. Second, I will tell you that that is probably a lie and that I have procrastinator tendencies. With that off my chest *whew*, I will say that I do hope to place some purpose into this, besides just talking about things I enjoy (there will be plenty of that) and at least you will get a good recipe eventually.

So reader beware! I enjoy randomness at times, use commas and parenthesizes way too much, tend to fall off topic, use derivational suffixes such as -ness and -ish to sophisticatedly describe things, and make a huge mess while baking.

About the picture: That is my lovely bunny tea light holder getting its long awaited use!

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